Shopify: Source Tracking

When Metorik is installed on your Shopify site, a lightweight script ( 1.6kb - JS) is installed on your store. This script is used to track and store the source of customers, so we can provide source tracking, Engage conversion tracking, and more.

If for some reason the script is not yet installed on your store, you'll be shown a notice in the app and will be prompted to fix it from the connection settings page:

After clicking the install button, we may need to redirect you to Shopify to give us permission. When taken to Shopify, accept and then you'll be returned to Metorik and the script will have been installed.

Before using Metorik

Since we can only install the Metorik Script on your store once you've started using Metorik, that means any orders made before you used Metorik will be missing some of the source tracking data we need to generate reports.

However, when Metorik's source data is missing, we will attempt to use the data Shopify keeps in each order. This data can be unreliable though, so you may find it missing or incomplete for older orders.

How it works

Once the script is installed, we track a few bits of data when people come to your store:

  • The referring site they came from
  • The UTM tags present when first arriving at your site
  • The Engage email they clicked on

When this data is available, we will store it in the customer's shopping cart data. If that cart is placed and turns into an order, we will then store in the order's additional details in Shopify.

Some things to note:

  • After storing the source data in the cart, a cookie is set in the customer's browser for 12 hours so we won't override it for that long.
  • The data is linked to the cart at the time, so the session / how long that data is kept depends on how long Shopify keeps the cart for.
  • When an order is placed, we clear the cookies from the customer's browser.
  • No data is set on customer profiles currently - just orders.

Cart recovery tracking

This Metorik Script cannot run on Shopify's checkout, so we can't use it to track cart recoveries. As such, we determine if an order is a cart recovery through different means, like checking if they received abandoned cart emails recently and if they are recovering an abandoned cart.


This is a new feature we've just added for Shopify stores. If you spot any bugs or have any questions, please let us know.

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