Shopify: Additional Details from Metorik

When you install Metorik onto your Shopify store, we install a Script in order to provide source tracking reports and track Engage conversions.

Metorik will store this source data in the customer's shopping cart data. If that cart is placed and turns into an order, we will then store it in the order's additional details area (sometimes known as note attributes).

This is the location where apps like Metorik need to store custom order data. When this data has been stored on an order, you'll see it on the right side of a single order page in Shopify:

This data (and data stored by other apps) in Additional Details will also show in Metorik, can be exported, segmented, and more - custom fields.

Stopping this

If you want to remove these fields from packing slips and shipping labels, take a look at this help doc.

If you'd like to stop Metorik storing this data, it's possible to disable the script using the tool found in your store's connection settings:

Once disabled, Metorik will no longer track this data, so your source tracking reports and Engage conversions will likely stop working too.

You'll then be able to delete the additional details Metorik has added to past orders in Shopify:

If you've never used this tool before, you'll first be asked to re-connect Metorik to Shopify. After re-connecting, come back to the connection settings page to start the tool.

If you delete your store from Metorik or uninstall the Metorik app in Shopify, we will stop tracking and storing this data going forward. But to delete it from past orders, you should first follow the steps above to disable and run the deleting tool.

If you've already deleted your store from Metorik but want to delete this data, please add your store again and then contact us for assistance.

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