Automatic Product Cost Syncing

After setting up your product costs in Metorik, you'll find the Sync Product Costs setting on the Cost Tools page.

This is available for both WooCommerce and Shopify stores. When enabled, Metorik will automatically sync product costs set within your store back to Metorik.

However, this means product costs you set in Metorik on the product costs and variation costs pages will probably be over-written.


When enabled, we will automatically store costs set in the _wc_cog_cost  custom field / meta on both products and variations. If you aren't seeing cost changes sync to Metorik instantly, see this help doc about making sure WooCommerce data is synced to Metorik.

This will work automatically for WooCommerce stores using the WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin.


When enabled, we will sync the cost set on products and variants within the Shopify admin.

Re-syncing/importing all product costs

Once enabled, you can re-sync all your product costs from WooCommerce/Shopify  by using the reimport products tool in the store connection settings.

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