Syncing Advertising Costs

Using Metorik's costs and profit system, you can sync daily advertising costs from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and a custom CSV.

Advertising costs are different to other costs, such as product/shipping costs, as advertising costs are stored and calculated on an overall basis, while product costs are stored and calculated on each order individually.

To set up advertising cost syncing, start by going to the advertising cost settings page (you'll need to be a store admin in Metorik to configure these costs),

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We currently support syncing ad costs from both Facebook Ads and Google Ads. These integrations take seconds to set up and will sync ad costs both historically and going forward. To get started, click the connect button next to the integration you'd like to set up.

After connecting, we'll ask you to confirm the Facebook Account or Google Analytics Site that we should sync data from. Once you've selected the account/site, syncing will begin.

There are some things to keep in mind with these integrations:

Facebook Ads

If your Facebook Ads Account has a different currency to your store's currency in Metorik (eg. Your Facebook Ads account is in USD but your store's currency in Metorik is AUD), we will automatically convert and store the ad costs in your store's currency in Metorik.

Facebook only gives us access to the previous 36 months of data, so as such we can only sync historical data from Facebook for the previous 36 months. We hope to provide other methods to sync older data in the future.

Google Ads

Our Google Ads integration works through our Google Analytics integration, as we get the Ads data from your Analytics account. In order to get Google Ads data, please make sure you've connected your Ads account to your Analytics account. More info can be found in this help doc from Google.

Please make sure that your Google Analytics account currency matches your store's currency in Metorik, as we cannot automatically convert ad costs. So if your store's currency in Metorik is set to AUD, you should set your Google Analytics account to be in AUD.

Syncing costs with a CSV

Additionally, you can publish a CSV file online with your daily costs. We will then sync it once a day and import the data into Metorik.

If you have Google and/or Facebook integrated above, this will add additional costs. You can also 'override' or 'combine' your data with these integrations, by having a google column and/or a facebook column in your CSV.

The CSV should be based off this template. If you have a Google account, click here to create a copy of the template. Your CSV should be formatted with the first column for date and then as many columns as you'd like for each 'ad source'. And then you should add a row for each date and respective ad costs. For example:

twitter pinterest
2021-01-01 5.5 2.8
2021-01-02 6.2 3.5
2021-01-03 2.8 0

The date format should be YYYY-MM-DD, eg. 2021-04-20.

You then need to have this CSV published live on the internet, so we can sync it once per day.

Here are step by step instructions for doing this using Google Sheets:

  1. Either create a CSV in Google Sheets based on the above template, or click here to create a copy of the template directly in Google Sheets.
  2. Fill in your daily costs, either manually or automatically (eg. using a service like Supermetrics).
  3. Click File > Publish to the web.
  4. Select Comma-separated values (.csv) as the format:
  5. Copy the URL they give you and then put it into the CSV Sync settings in Metorik:
  6. Click Save and then Metorik will sync ad costs from the CSV on a daily basis. To trigger a sync right away, click the Sync Now button.

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