Metorik Integration: Google Analytics

For a more comprehensive look at what the integration does, please check out the post: Conversion Rates for WooCommerce with Google Analytics & Metorik.

To start, you can connect your Google Analytics data through your store's integrations settings. After going through the flow on Google's side and being sent back to Metorik, you'll need to choose the Account and Site in Google Analytics that you want to use:

After choosing your account and site, Google Analytics and conversion rate data will be available throughout Metorik.

The timezone you've set for the site in Google Analytics should match the timezone for your store, in order to get the most accurate information. To change the timezone, you can do the following in  Google Analytics:

  1. Go to the Admin page (rightmost link on the top of the main page)
  2. Under View (rightmost panel of 3) select View Settings.
  3. Under Time zone country or territory, select your desired country and time zone settings.

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