Building a Broadcast

Engage Broadcasts are currently in beta, so this feature may not be available to you.

Broadcasts are for sending one-off emails to a large group of customers. They are just like automations but are only sent once. You can also send the broadcast to a large audience.

To get started, head to the broadcasts page.

When you click the New Broadcast button, you'll be taken the broadcast builder.

Name & Resource

Resource: You can choose 'orders' or 'customers' (and 'subscriptions' if you use WooCommerce Subscriptions). The one you choose depends on who you want to email (the audience).

Name: Give the broadcast a name for you to reference it by. Customers will not see this, just you.

Campaign: Optionally, you can assign the broadcast to a new or existing campaign, which can then be used for filtering your broadcasts and keeping things organised.

Description: Optionally, you can give the broadcast a longer description that will show in the Metorik dashboard and help you remember what the broadcast was for.


In this step, you get the chance define the audience of the broadcast. That is, what rules a customer or order should meet in order for it to receive the broadcast email.

As soon as a customer or order meets the defined rules, they'll get the email.

To build the rules, you use Metorik's segmenting system, which you can read about here.


From Email: Where emails should be sent from. If you've verified your domain during the Engage setup, you can easily send from any email on your domain. If not, you'll receive an email asking you to verify the new address before you can send from it.

Reply-to Email: When customers click the reply button, where should their replies go? You may want to set this to be a different address, like a help/support email, so you can receive email replies.

Subject: The subject of the email (customers will see this). You can use variables here to give the subject a bit of personalisation, like including the order number, or the customer name:

Layout: The design/layout of the email being sent - click the magnifying glass icon to see a preview of each one.

  • Standard is a nice simple layout that puts your logo in the header of the email.
  • Clean is a text-focused layout that looks similar to a plain text email, with no logo in the header.
  • Code your own allows you to write a completely custom HTML email.

Message: Time to write the actual email customers will receive! You can use variables, like we did with the subject above, as well as insert 'components' (depending on the resource used for the broadcast), like an order item table, shipping details, etc.

If you're using the Standard or Clean layouts, you have access to a bunch of formatting options in the toolbar, as well as the ability to insert images and buttons.

At any time if you want to preview what the email will look like, click the Preview Email button in the top right. It will show you a preview right there on the page of the file email, as well as allow you to send an actual preview email to yourself or a team member.

Discount: Below the message form, you can optionally add a discount to the broadcast. Clicking the Add Discount button will open a dialog where you can configure the discount amount and restrictions. For more info on this, please read the Engage discounts help doc.

Language/Locale: Optionally set the language/locale in the advanced settings, so the text Metorik shows in this specific broadcast (eg. dates, components, unsubscribe link, etc.) is in the correct language:

Customising the email: For a detailed walkthrough on how to customise your Engage emails, check out Customising Engage emails with CSS.


Now it's time to activate and send the broadcast! πŸŽ‰

There may be a limit in place on how many customers can receive the broadcast. Contact us for assistance.

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