Setting up Engage

Before you start using Metorik Engage, you'll need to set it up. Since Engage sends emails on behalf of your store to your customers, you'll need to verify your email/domain and configure a few settings so the emails include your information on them.

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Configuring Engage

Start by going to the Engage setup page:

From there, click the Get Started button. You'll then want to enter your domain that you'll be sending from. Normally this is just your store's domain (, but if you used a sub domain, like (, you'll probably want to set this to be since your emails would come from

In the example below, we want to send emails from, so we'll enter as the domain.

After setting the domain, you'll be presented with a few Engage settings that you need to fill in. Don't worry if you leave some of these blank! You can always edit them after from the Engage settings page here.

You'll then be able to set up  UTM tracking and import any unsubscribed emails:

These settings can be edited later but we recommend setting up now as it can be easy to forget later. More on UTM tracking and unsubscribes.

Verify a domain

It's now time to verify either your domain or an email address:

Verifying your domain is definitely the best option. It's a bit technical but the long-term benefit is that you have much higher delivery-rates and you can send from any email address instantly.

Learn more about domain & email verification in this help doc.

What's next?

Now that you've set up Engage, it's time to create some automations.

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