How to set your Shipping Costs based on the Order Shipping Fee

When using a calculated shipping fee provided by your shipping provider and it comes time to setting up your Shipping Costs in Metorik, you may want to simply assign the Shipping Fee the customer paid as the cost.

This approach uses our "Backup Rules" function, so first make sure to remove any other Shipping Cost rules you have set up (such as Country Based or Method Rules), otherwise these costs will only apply if your existing rules don't run.

How to set your Shipping Cost based on the Shipping Fee

  1. Head over to your Shipping Cost settings:
  2. Scroll down to "Backup Rules" and click "Use amount charged to customer"

  1. Set the percentage of the Shipping Fee you'd like used as the Shipping Cost

Say your Shipping Fee on a particular order is $20, if you'd like the full amount to be used as the shipping cost, enter 100 in the box. If you set 50%, the shipping cost would be set to $10.

  1. Lastly, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

Recalculating costs for existing orders

After providing new rules for shipping costs, you may wish to recalculate the costs for existing orders. Check out our guide on how to do that here: Recalculate Costs for Existing Orders or just jump right in on your Cost Tools page:

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