Engage Unsubscribes

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Whenever a customer unsubscribes from an Engage email, they'll be added to the Unsubscribes list. You can view this from the Unsubscribes page (under Engage > Settings > Unsubscribes).

From there, you can do a few things like:

  • Remove emails from the unsubscribes list (click the times (x) on the right).
  • Add new unsubscribes (in bulk - see below).
  • Search through the unsubscribes list.
  • Export all existing unsubscribes.
  • See the automation/email that caused an unsubscribe (if the unsubscribe wasn't manually imported).

About removing unsubscribes

If a recipient unsubscribed themself by clicking an unsubscribe link in an email they received, you will be unable to remove their unsubscribe. If you email these recipients again after they've unsubscribed, they will likely mark your next email as spam, causing your email deliverability to drop and your account to paused with Metorik. If there was an unsubscribe done by accident, the user can re-subscribe by clicking the link in an email again (and clicking the mistake button), or you can contact us for assistance.

Importing / adding unsubscribes

If you have an existing list of emails you want to add to the unsubscribes list - like emails that have already unsubscribed to your MailChimp campaigns - you can add them to the list by clicking the Add button on the top right.

It will open up the add emails popup, where you can input a list of emails to unsubscribe. You can enter up to 2,500 emails at once (if you have a large list, send us a message and we can add it manually for you or increase the limit). You should enter one email per line, or optionally you can comma-separate them.

Click the unsubscribe button and it will then unsubscribe each email.

If you also send through another platform like MailChimp, you may want to export the unsubscribe list from MailChimp and import it into Metorik each month (and vice versa).

Exporting unsubscribes

Similarly, you may want to export the unsubscribe list from Metorik so you can be sure those email addresses will be unsubscribed from your campaigns sent by other applications like MailChimp.

To do so, click the Export CSV button on the top right.

It will then export a CSV of every email unsubscribed and the date/time they unsubscribed. If you have a large number of emails unsubscribed and the export is timing out, please let us know and we'll manually export it for you.

Unsubscribes API

Metorik offers a JSON API for managing your unsubscribe list in Engage.


To start, get your API token in the Engage settings here. Only admins can access the token.

You will need to include this token when making requests by adding api_token as a parameter in your body.

Important: This token is sensitive and should never be shared. You should only make server requests using it so it's not exposed.


GET https://app.metorik.com/api/v1/store/engage/unsubscribes

List of unsubscribed emails: 100 unsubscribes are returned per page. You can pass a page parameter to go to the next page.

GET https://app.metorik.com/api/v1/store/engage/unsubscribe-status

Check the unsubscribe status of a single email: Pass an email through the email parameter and you will get a boolean response telling you if the email is currently unsubscribed in Metorik Engage.

POST https://app.metorik.com/api/v1/store/engage/unsubscribes

Unsubscribe or update an unsubscribed email: Pass an email to be unsubscribed through the email parameter. You can also provide a short reason through the reason parameter.

DELETE https://app.metorik.com/api/v1/store/engage/unsubscribes

Delete an unsubscribed email: Pass an email through the email parameter. If a matching unsubscribed email is found, it will be deleted in Metorik. The given email will then be able to receive Engage emails.

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