WooCommerce Integration: Product Bundles

Metorik completely supports Product Bundles out of the box, but depending on how you like to report on bundled products that are sold, you may want to tweak the Metorik Report settings.

This can also apply to the Mix and Match Products plugin.

Let's start with an example. You have two simple products:

  1. Dog Socks
  2. Cat Socks

You also a bundle product called Pet Socks, that includes both the Dog Socks and the Cat Socks.

If someone went ahead and bought the  Pet Socks product, by default Metorik and most other tools would report each product's sales number as:

  • Dog Socks - 1 Sold
  • Cat Socks - 1 Sold
  • Pet Socks - 1 Sold

As the Dog Socks and Cat Socks were both sold, along with the Pet Socks bundle.

Metorik report settings

However, you may not want to count the sale of Dog Socks and Cat Socks as individual sales (since they were in a bundle).

In your store's  Metorik report settings, you'll find the following option:

By default it's disabled. If you go ahead and enable it, Metorik will only count a product as being sold when it's 'line item total' is over $0. Since bundled products have a line item total of $0, this effectively stops bundled sales from being included a product's net sold amount.

So with that enabled, the above product sales numbers would be:

  • Dog Socks - 0 Sold
  • Cat Socks - 0 Sold
  • Pet Socks - 1 Sold

There is one caveat to this that you should keep in mind. Enabling the above setting will not change the generic total items sold number that you see elsewhere in Metorik, like in the Orders Report or in orders export under the 'total items' column. It only impacts:

  • Product sales numbers
  • Category sales numbers
  • Product Group sales numbers

How bundle and mix match costs work

When using Metorik's cost & profit system to set product costs, for bundle and mix match 'children', if the subtotal is $0, the cost is set to $0.

If it's a bundle parent item, the bundle parent's set cost is used. However, if the bundle parent doesn't have a set cost, we will try to calculate the cost by adding up all of the costs for the bundle 'children'.

Similarly, if it's a mix match parent and it doesn't have a set cost, we will try to calculate the cost by adding up all of the costs for the mix match 'children'.

Order view

It's also easy to view orders that contain bundle products, with a special layout just for them:

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