Is an unsubscribe link required?

Technically, since the emails Metorik sends are transactional, personalised emails, unsubscribe links after often not legally required. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have them in your emails. As such, Metorik Engage currently requires your emails all have unsubscribe links.

Why? They're better for you (less SPAM complaints = better deliverability) and better for customers (they only get the emails they want).

Engage includes a pretty comprehensive  unsubscribe system, that makes it easy for your customers and team to handle unsubscribing. The unsubscribe link sends to your customers a page branded for your store, telling them they've been unsubscribed instantly, like so:

When sending a standard layout and clean layout emails, the unsubscribe link appears hidden at the bottom of the email. In the standard, it's under your address. In the clean layout, it's at the very bottom like so:

When sending a code your own email, it's your responsibility to add the unsubscribe link. It's important to add it, as without it, customers may mark your emails as spam, in turn resulting in your emails automatically going to spam and your Engage account being suspended.

You can add it by using the {unsubscribe_link} variable to get the link, like <a href="{unsubscribe_link}">Unsubscribe</a>).

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