Sending Engage emails in multiple languages

If you operate a store that sells to customers that speak multiple languages, you might want them to receive emails in their native tongue. This is possible using Metorik Engage and the segmenting system. 

There are a few different methods to get this done based on the structure of your WooCommerce store, so the method you use is up to you.

Method 1: Segment using a custom field which contains the language the customer used checked out

If your store is already multi-lingual and uses a plugin like WPML, you should have a custom field available to you that stores the language your customers used when completing their order.

For this example, I'm going to set up an email in French:

a. Create a new Engage email as you would normally. For a more detailed walkthrough on setting up your first automations, see here. More info on building automations and building broadcasts.

b. As an extra step, you can create a campaign to help organise all your emails in different languages. So for example, if you were setting up an order marked completed email in 3 languages, you could have a campaign called All order marked completed emails and then assign all the welcome emails to that campaign:

c. On the audience tab, add the language custom field as the filter + the language as the value. If you are using WPML, this will be the field called wpml_language:

The result will be all orders that were made in French. You can also add any other filters at this point as well, for example, 'order status is completed'.

Note: If you have the exact same email in multiple languages, for example, both French and English, it is a good idea to add an extra filter to ensure the French email fires only for French customers, and the English email fires for customers that speak English. 

In this case, you should add the filter wpml_lanuage doesn't contain fr to the English email.

d. Compose the email in your chosen language and you're good to go:

e. Optionally set the language/locale in the advanced settings, so the text Metorik shows in this specific email (eg. dates, components, unsubscribe link, etc.) is in the correct language:

Method 2: Segment using the shipping country instead of the language custom field

If you don't have a multilingual WooCommerce store, you can use the shipping address to segment instead. The shipping country is generally a good indicator of the language the customer speaks.

For this method, steps a & b are the same. Here are the remaining steps:

c. Instead of the custom field, use the shipping country filter + the country as the value:

And similar to above, you may want to add shipping country is not in France in the English email.

d. This step is also the same as in Method 1. However, there is a chance that the customer shipped to France, but still only speaks English. For this edge-case you might want to add a line in English at the bottom of the email that links to a translation of the email in English (or you could simply write the message in English beneath the French version):

e. Optionally set the language/locale in the advanced settings, so the text Metorik shows in this specific email (eg. dates, components, unsubscribe link, etc.) is in the correct language:

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