How can I delete or exclude test orders from my reports?

If you have imported or created test data in your store and it is now being displayed in Metorik, you have a few options to remove it.

1. Delete the data from your store's backend:

Metorik is in constant real-time sync with your store, as such, it will detect if you delete any orders and reflect those changes. 

If you have deleted the orders and they are still showing in Metorik, send us an email with the order numbers and we can take a closer look.

2. Assign a custom order status to the test orders and exclude the status in Metorik (WooCommerce only):

Metorik allows you to exclude any order status from your reports in your report settings. Therefore, if you assign your test orders a custom order status, Metorik will be able to exclude these from your reports. To do this:

a. Create a new custom order status in your WooCommerce backend. You can install Custom Order Status for WooCommerce (free plugin) or WooCommerce Order Status Manager (paid extension) to create the new custom statuses. For a more detailed walkthrough on creating custom order statuses, check out our blog.

b. Once you have created the status, assign all your test orders that status. You could call it 'test orders' for example:

c. In your Metorik report settings, under "Which order statuses should be excluded from reports?", check the box next to the order status:

(Note: If the status isn't showing up, you can refresh here)

For more information excluding statuses from Metorik, click here.

Now all the orders with the Test Orders status will be excluded from your reports.

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