Viewing overall product sales for a certain country

While you can see sales per country on an individual product, variation, or category on their sales pages:

It's isn't possible to see all sales for all your products in a certain country directly in the Metorik UI. However, using a combination of our segmenting and export features, you can get this data with relative ease. So for example, let's try to find all our product sales in the USA. To get this done:

1. Head to your orders segmenting page.

2. Filter for successful orders. You can use the pre-built successful orders segment for this:

3. Filter for the country you want to see products ordered from (USA in our case):

4. At this point we have a list of all orders from those countries. Now we need to export the orders to be able to count the number of products sold. Click the export button, and then from the 'all settings' tab, click the 'one row per line item' box. You can customize the columns as well just to make the export a little cleaner:

5. Download the file:

5. Open the CSV file, and you will see a list of all the line items per order.6. From here, you can sort column B to group the products, and then either manually sum the column, use the countIF function or subtotal function in Excel:

As you can see, in the USA, we have sold 8 copies of Music Machine, 11 copies of Journey In Satchidananda, 7 copies of Clifford Jordan In The World, and 9 copies of Jazz For The Jet Set.

Note: This logic can be applied to any filter in the orders segmenting system. So, for example, you could run the exact same process for sales in the USA purchased using a certain UTM tag.

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