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This is related to the net revenue / sold amount for products found on:

Net Revenue is the total amount of product sales, with taxes and refunds deducted. Net Sold is the total number of products sold, less any that were refunded.

So if you had a product that cost $27.50, including $2.50 tax, that was sold twice, your gross sales would be $55 for it (including $5 tax). Later 1 was refunded for the full $27.50, so now your net sales will be $25 ($27.50 x 2, then - $27.50 for the refund, then - $2.50 for the remaining tax).
Product sales are not impacted by your settings currently, so even if you  do not deduct taxes for net, Metorik still deducts them for the product metrics. If you'd like to see this changed, let us know.
Note: With coupons, $ (flat) discounts for orders with multiple products are done on the order-level, rather than per-product level, so the product sales normally do not include the $ discount.

Showing Gross

You may prefer to see gross sales in the product, variation, and category sales tables. If so, you can click the link below the table to show gross amounts:

This only impacts the amounts shown in the table. Later it will be replaced by a custom columns feature, allowing you to completely customise the columns show in any table within Metorik.

To get both net and gross together, simply make an export of the results and you'll have everything in one file.


When it comes to refunds, orders with the REFUNDED status are completely excluded from product-related reports. So both the sale and the refund of a product in a REFUNDED order are ignored.

If you  create a partial refund for an order, be sure to set either the quantity of each line item being refunded or the total for each line item being refunded, so Metorik knows that the refunds for those products should be deducted from the sales.

The refund will deducted at the time it happens, so if the product was purchased in October 2017 for $50, and later (partially) refunded in November 2017, the sales numbers for the product would be:

  • October 2017: 1 sold for $50 net revenue
  • November 2017: -1 sold for -$50 net revenue

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