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Metorik has a number of different pages and reports to allow you to see your product sales in a number of different contexts. You can also drill down further using our powerful segmenting system.

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Product Segmenting

The product page gives you the flexibility to filter and segment your products using 100s of different filters. There are also identical pages for your variations and categories.

You can filter your products by different attributes, for example, stock quantity level:

You can take this one step further by segmenting the product sales, rather than just attributes. To do this click the Segment Report button at the top of the page. So for example if you want to see only product sales from Australian guest customers that used a certain coupon code:

All the reports/pages mentioned in this doc are able to be segmented in the same way.

Product Groups

Product groups allow you to create your own custom groups of products. This is different from creating saved segments, as instead of using filters to create a segment, you can just pick a product and add it directly to a group.

Each product group has its own reports page which will show you both overall metrics and individual product metrics:

Top Sellers

The product sales report is designed to give you a snapshot of your top-selling products, variations, and categories:

If you want to drill down further, you can either click on the individual product, variation, or category, to be taken to the individual page. Click the view all at the bottom of the list to be taken to the respective segmenting page.

If your store doesn't have any variations, you will just be shown products and categories in this report.

Product bought together report

This report shows you the products that are most frequently purchased together by your customers:

Compare Products report

This report allows you to compare your products and variations and see their sales broken down by either day, week or month. There is also an identical page for your categories:

Other product reports in Metorik

Net Revenue & Net Sold

This is related to the net revenue / sold amount for any of the product pages/reports in Metorik:

Net Revenue is the total amount of product sales, with taxes and refunds deducted. Net Sold is the total number of products sold, less any that were refunded.

So if you had a product that cost $27.50, including $2.50 tax, that was sold twice, your gross sales would be $55 for it (including $5 tax). Later 1 was refunded for the full $27.50, so now your net sales will be $25 ($27.50 x 2, then - $27.50 for the refund, then - $2.50 for the remaining tax).
Product sales are not impacted by the 'deduct from net' setting currently, so even if you  do not deduct taxes for net, Metorik still deducts them for the product metrics. If you'd like to see this changed, let us know.

Showing Gross Sales

You may prefer to see gross sales in the product, variation, and category sales tables. If so, you can click the link below the table to show gross amounts:

This impacts the amounts shown in the table, the totals at the bottom of these pages, and the totals shown on related segment list pages like the product segments list page.

To get both net and gross together, simply make an export of the results and you'll have everything in one file.


Like our revenue reports, product sales are counted when the sale happened, and refunds are deducted when the refund is made.

For more information on product refunds, take a look at the Product Refunds doc.

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