WooCommerce: Sending subscription emails with Engage

If you use WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can use Metorik Engage to send your automated subscription emails.

One thing to keep in mind is that a subscription automation looks at the actual subscription object in WooCommerce, not the customer. As such, if a customer has multiple subscriptions, they would receive an email for each subscription. 

Metorik has a few different subscription templates to help you get up and running. But to make your emails as effective as possible, we recommend re-writing the text in the message section to reflect your brand.

To select a subscriptions template, create a new automation from the Engage page, then select From Template:

And then select the Subscriptions tab;

Let's jump in!

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Welcome new subscribers

This a great email to thank your customer for their purchase and to also let them know of any specifics regarding their new subscription:

By default, it's sent one hour after they purchase the subscription, but you can change this in the audience section:

If you sell different subscription products, you might want to create a different welcome email depending on the product purchased. To do this, create a different automation using this template for each product and then add the subscription products filter:

Note: If you already have a welcome customer email configured, your customer will receive both that customer automation and this subscription automation. 

Upcoming subscription renewal reminder

Having this email set up will ensure that your customers know when they are about to be charged. This is important, as charging them without notifying them is a sure way to lose their trust:

By default, this will sent 1 day before they are going to be charged, but as always, you can change this:

Some extra customizations:

1. You might have customers on different billing periods (monthly or annually). As such, might want to set up a different automation for customers on each cycle. To do this, just add the billing period filter:

2. You might have some customers that renew manually and some which are automatically charged. In this case, you may want a different renewal reminder for each one; one prompting them to pay and one just reminding them that their card about to be charged. To segment these, just use the requires manual renewal filter:

3. You might even want to configure a second automation which fires after their card has been charged and lets them know that their subscription has been renewed. In this case, you could either create a subscription automation using the last renewal order created filter:

Or you could set up an orders automation which filters for renewal orders (you can use the order marked completed template and then add the extra order type filter):

Note: With upcoming renewal reminder automation, the send automations multiple times checkbox needs to be checked (it will be by default if you select the template):

This is because you want an email to be sent to a customer every time a customers subscription is about to renew (not just once). 

Subscription cancelled

It's important to have this automation set up to let the customer know that their subscription has been successfully cancelled:

The filters on this one are pretty straight forward β€” by default, it will fire 1 day after they have cancelled:

However, a nice little touch you can add to this one is to include a coupon code with the email. You can modify the template message to something along these lines:

This discount you choose to give is totally up to you! For more information on settings up coupons check out: Engage Discounts & Coupons.

Creating automations from scratch

Using a template is a great way to get started with email automations. However, as you start to get more comfortable with segmenting, you might realise that there are some more custom emails you want to be sending. For these, select the From Scratch when creating a new automation. What you choose to set up is completely up to you, but if you're looking for some ideas, have a read of how some of our other customers like Scratch and Everytable are using Engage subscription automations.

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