Shopify Vendors Report

For Shopify stores, we integrate with the existing Product Vendor field set on each product.

This will enable you to 

  • See a Report that gives an overview of Product Sales and other useful data based on vendor.
  • Segment Products & Variations by vendor.
  • View the vendor of your product on the Single Product Page.

Getting Started 

Once your store is imported you should automatically have access to our vendors feature in Metorik.

Vendors Report

The Vendors Report will give a great overview of how your different vendors are performing. If you are also using our Costs Feature, you'll be able to see Profit and Margins data for each vendor.

You can use report segmenting to only view brand sales stats for certain orders. For example, limit orders to a certain country:

You can then click on a vendor from the list to view a sales report just for that vendor:

More data is available in report including sales for the vendor grouped by country, state, payment method etc., a sales by day chart, and a sales by hour chart.

Segment by Vendors

From a single vendor's report page, you can click view all next to the list of products to see matching products by vendor. Or alternatively, from the Product Sales page, you can filter on one or more of your different vendors, or exclude vendors from the list so you can get the exact breakdown you are looking for.

View Vendor on Product Page

On each Single Product Page, you can see the vendor that the Product is linked to towards the bottom of the Product Information.

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