Broadcasts - We don't recommend emailing old customers

When you're sending an Engage broadcast or activating an Engage automation, if there are customers in the segment who haven't ordered from you in a long time (or customers who have never ordered), we'll warn you and stop the email from sending.

To fix it, you can click the add filter button and Metorik will add an example filter that improves the audience. Or you could add your own filters to get a similar result.

Why do we limit broadcasts like this

Emailing customers from a long time ago often results in a high bounce rate and spam complaints. In turn, this causes poor deliverability for your domain and will impact all other emails you send, causing your emails to get blocked or end up in spam.

Additionally, there are strict limits in place on how high your bounce rate and spam rate can be, and your email sending can be paused if you exceed them, so this helps prevent that.

If you have a need to send to older customers, let us know and we can try assist.

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