Deleting orders, customers, subscriptions, and products from Metorik

Metorik has a number of different mechanisms running in tandem to ensure your data is always in sync. More about data syncing here.

As such, when an order is deleted in your store, it's automatically deleted in Metorik too. The same applies for customers, subscriptions (WooCommerce only) & products. More about deleting products here.

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Deleting an order in WooCommerce

You can do this by trashing an order:

If you un-trash the order your WooCommerce store, Metorik will also automatically store it again.

My order wasn't deleted immediately

If after deleting an order or product in WooCommerce, it isn't immediately deleted in Metorik, there may be an issue with your webhooks. They can be reset in the Metorik Store Connection settings here

But no need to worry, Metorik is constantly syncing with your WooCommerce store every 5-10 minutes. Once it syncs, it will notice that you deleted the order in WooCommerce and delete it from Metorik as well.

Deleting multiple orders at once

If you delete multiple orders at once from WooCommerce, these will be deleted in exactly the same way as described above. 

The one case where Metorik won't delete multiple orders is if you delete a large number of orders at once, eg. more than 500 orders. We have this failsafe in place just in case the orders were deleted by mistake. In this situation, the orders will still remain in Metorik even though they have been deleted from WooCommerce.

Importantly, you'll want to disable Metorik's webhooks first in the store connection settings. Then delete the data. Then refresh the webhooks in the connection settings.

If you'd like us to delete those extra orders, customers, etc., simply send us a message and we'd be happy to clear them out. We can also set it on our side to always delete this data, even if a large amount has been deleted - let us know if you'd like it to work this way.

However, if you'd like us to continue storing them for you, that's totally OK. But please do not rely on Metorik as the only backup of these deleted orders, as we cannot guarantee that they will be stored forever.

Deleting an order in Shopify

You can do this by heading to the order's page, archiving it:

And then scrolling down to the bottom of the page and deleting it:

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