Custom Meta Fields

Metorik processes all of your order, customer, product and subscription meta (custom fields), so you can do a few things with it in Metorik, including:

  • Segment by it.
  • Export it.
  • View it on 'single' pages.
  • Edit it on 'single' pages (and add new meta too).
  • Use it as variables in Engage automations.

More info about WooCommerce and Custom Meta in general can be found here.


When on the orders, customers, products, or subscriptions page, click the filter select and then scroll down to the bottom to find all of your available meta fields.

You'll have a variety of ways to filter on the data. For example, you could add a filter for the  Stripe Fee custom meta:

Or you could filter by the meta key not being empty:

The same applies to customer, product and subscription custom meta filtering.


Similarly, you can export custom meta fields very easily. When in the middle of an export, click the 'All Settings' link and then choose all the meta fields you'd like to include.

View / Edit / Add

When on a single order or customer page, you'll find a Custom Fields section where most of the custom fields (meta) can be seen. From there, you can add new custom fields and edit some existing ones (hidden ones that start with _ can't be edited).

Note: It's possible to see custom fields for subscriptions but not to edit or add new ones due to limitations in the WC Subscriptions API.

Meta Settings

By default, Metorik will show your top 150 meta keys in meta selects (eg. for segmenting & exporting). If a meta key is not appearing when you are trying to segment/export data, head to your report settings, and add the meta key under Meta Settings:

Meta added here will be displayed at the top of meta selects for easy access.

Hidden Meta

Some meta that Metorik considers protected or arbitrary is ignored. Most of the time, this won't matter but if you find that some meta you need is being ignored, please reach out to us and we can take a look.

Other Notes

Every day, Metorik will refresh for the possible fields, so if you don't see one you're looking for, it should show up the next day or you can message us and we'll refresh it right away for you.

Also to keep in mind: If you're adding custom meta fields through code, be sure to change the order/subscription/customer 'last updated' dates, so Metorik knows about the change. More details in this help doc.

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