How are Engage conversions tracked?

Engage tracks conversions from emails sent to customers in 2 ways.

1. If a customer clicks a link in an Engage email, it has the ID of the email in the URL automatically added to it (eg. The Metorik Helper plugin then stores a cookie in the customer’s browser, so if they check out, Engage will know that the order came from the given Engage email.

We follow the same principles/expiries for how UTMs are tracked, which you can read about in the source tracking doc (WooCommerce) / source tracking doc (Shopify).

2. If you include a generated discount code in an Engage email, and the customer later uses it when making an order, Engage will consider the order a conversion.

Cart conversion tracking is a little different - you can read about it here.


If a customer receives an Engage email, and then decides to go your store and make an order, but didn't click a link in the email or use a coupon code from it, we won't count it as a conversion (as we aren't sure that they came from the email).

However, you can manually set the Engage email that resulted in an order conversion by following the guide here.

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