Metorik Integration: Freshdesk

Metorik previously had an app for Freshdesk that would show Metorik data in Freshdesk (a customer profile on the right side of tickets, showing details about the customer's spending on your store from Metorik).

This app was deprecated in February 2022 due to issues on Freshdesk's side. We are still providing a custom app though, which you can download from here. Follow this guide to install it on our account or ask Freshdesk to install it for you. When asked for an API token, you can use the one available in your Metorik store's integration settings page:

With Metorik's Freshdesk integration, you can bring Freshdesk data into Metorik itself.

To start, go to your Metorik store's integration settings page. Click the Connect button for the Freshdesk integration and you'll be asked to enter in your Freshdesk subdomain and API Key. 

You can get your API key by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner of Freshdesk and clicking profile settings:

You will find your API key on the right:

Enter in your subdomain and API Key:

You'll then be able to see conversations you've had with customers in their Metorik customer profiles and orders:

You'll also be able to start conversations with customers from Metorik customer profiles and orders:

Having issues with Metorik's Freshdesk integration?  Just let us know.

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