Refunds in Metorik

You will notice that there are a number of different refund figures available to you throughout Metorik. Let's have a look at them and how they all slightly differ.

For the below examples, we are going to look at example order #21482 which was created on July 30, 2020, and then refunded in full a few days later on 3 August 2020.

For the sake of simplicity, in our store, there are no other refunds created in the period we are looking at.

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Refunds in The Revenue Report

First, let's head to the Revenue Report and let's looks at the whole of July 2020. As you can see refunds for this period are $0:

If we now change the period to August, refunds now change to $100:

This is because the Revenue Report looks at when the actual refund took place as opposed to when the original order took place. In this case, the refund took place in August whereas the order was originally placed in July.

The opposite is true in the Orders Reports.

Refunds in The Orders Report

If we look at July 2020 in the orders report, we now see refunds in this period are $100 (as opposed to $0 in the Revenue Report):

This is because the Orders Report looks at when the original order took place, as opposed to when the actual refund took place. And in this case, our order took place in July.

Conversely, if we now look at August, refunds are $0. This is because the original order took place in July, the fact that the refund took place in August doesn't matter in the Orders Report: 

Have a read of this article for more information on the difference between the Revenue Report and Orders Report.

There are a few more places where you will see refunds in Metorik.

The Refunds Report

The Refunds Report looks at refunds in the same way as the Orders Report; it looks at refunds created for orders in the selected period (not at the date that the actual refund took place). As such, for July 2020 there are $100 in refunds:

And in August 2020 there are $0 in refunds:

Note that you can view all the refunds shown in this report by clicking the view refunds in the report button.

Refunds Segmenting Page

This page will show you all refunds that have ever taken place in your store:

Just like with the other segmenting pages, you can add filters to view a certain segment of refunds. For example, we can look at all refunds created in August:

Or refunds for orders created in July:

Both these filters give the same result in this case.

Refunds in Product Reports

Product reports (including product, variation, category, group, and brand reports) will deduct refunds from the report when refunds are made.

Using our example order from above, if we were to refund 2 copies of the Dark Side of the Moon record, like so:

And then we looked at the Dark Side of the Moon product page, the net revenue and items sold now include the refund of the 2 copies at the time the refund happened (August 3).

For more information on product refunds, take a look at the Product Refunds doc.

And for more information on product reports in general, take a look at the Product Reports doc.

Refunds and taxes/shipping

Currently when a refund is made, the revenue report will deduct the entire refunded amount, including the tax/shipping.

So for example, if there was an order for $43, made up of $30 for the item + $3 in tax + $10 in shipping, like so:

And the order was fully refunded for $43, it would result in a revenue report deduction of $43 when calculating net revenue. Even though $3 tax and $10 shipping was refunded, it is not 'added back' to the net revenue figure right now.

As such, this example order could result in an overall net revenue change of -$13 if we are deducting both tax and shipping to calculate net revenue ($43 gross revenue - $10 shipping - $3 tax - $43 refunded = -$13).

However, the taxes report is available if you'd like to see the net tax collected (after refunded tax) - more on that here.

We welcome your feedback and thoughts on this and how you'd prefer these refunds and taxes/shipping are handled.

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