Net Revenue and the Orders Report

Net revenue

Net revenue can be found in various places around Metorik, including the  dashboardrevenue report, and  product-related reports. This also applies to the profit reports.
Whenever you see the term  net revenue, it is calculated by taking the total gross sales and deducting refunds, taxes*, shipping*, and fees* from the given period.
If a refund has refunded tax/shipping/fees too, these are added back to net revenue.
The idea of net revenue is to give you an idea of how much money you actually received.
If a refund was made for an order with an excluded status (defined in your report settings), both the sale and the refund are excluded.
So for example, if there was an order for $500. You refunded it but instead of giving it the refunded status or letting it keep it's previous status (such as completed), you made it cancelled (and have set cancelled to be an excluded status). That order will simply not be included in the revenue report as we are not including its sale or its refund due to the status.

Orders report

The orders report however is there to give you insight about orders made in a given period, rather than revenue itself. So in that report, you'll see the term net sales. It's quite similar to how net revenue is calculated (see the formula above), but with one significant difference: It only deducts refunds for orders made in the given period, and when the refund happened does not matter.

An example

For example, you're looking at the orders report for October 2017. In October 2017, there was an order for $100 that was later refunded in November 2017. The net sales amount for that order when looking at October 2017 will be $0 (even though the refund happened in November - outside of the period you're looking at).
If we took that same example but were looking at the revenue report instead, the net revenue in October 2017 would be $100, since the refund only happened in November 2017. If we were then to look at the revenue report for November 2017, and there were no new orders or other refunds in that period, the net revenue for the period would be -$100.

Product metrics

To learn more about how Metorik calculates product sales, view the product reports doc.

*Determined in your store report settings. Fees are only applicable for WooCommerce stores.

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