Profit Reports

After that you have set up your costs (product/variation, shipping, transaction, advertising, and extra costs), you will now be able to see metrics like profit, margin, and costs throughout Metorik.

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The Profit Report

From the dashboard and navigation, you'll find the Profit Report. The Profit Report plots your profit, net revenue and COGS across a graph:

And also shows you a whole host of other metrics for any period of time (and their growth compared to the previous period):

You can also see a tabular breakdown for the period selected. It will be split up into the same 'date groups' as your chart. You can change the date group on the top right of the chart.

Click the View Cost Breakdown button to see a breakdown of the cost column:

And if you have set up advertising cost syncing, you will see an advertising costs by date report as well:

Below that you will find the transaction costs by payment method report, which will show you the number of orders, the total transaction cost, and the average transaction percent for each payment method:

You can also find below that the shipping costs by shipping method report, which will show you the number of orders, the total shipping cost, the average shipping cost, and some other stats for each shipping method:

Per Product Profit

You will now see that your Product Sales page now also has profit metrics. This will also show on:

You can now see COGS, Net Profit and Margin on each product. 

You can also segment based on COGS, so for example, only see products that have COGS greater than 0:

You can also click on any product and variation to see some more information on it as well:

The Cost Dashboard

You can get even more information on your cost, profit, and inventory from the Cost Dashboard:

From the dashboard you can see:

  • Metrics like revenue, profit, margin and costs.
  • Inventory level, cost and value.
  • Links to edit your costs and run the tool to update cost on old orders.

Cost on Individual Orders

You will also see that your orders will now also show any associated costs:

Click on Total Cost to see the cost breakdown:

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