Externally Calculated Costs

Note: This is only available for WooCommerce stores currently.
If you'd prefer to use costs stored in custom fields / meta for Metorik's costs feature, you can do that by setting the custom fields to use here.

This is different from the custom fields settings for shipping/transaction/extra (see here), as with this method, all your costs including product costs are calculated and stored in your WooCommerce store (instead of in Metorik), and then we will sync those costs to our reports.

We'll then look for the custom field cost when storing an order in Metorik.
If a cost exists there, we will use it as the order's cost instead calculating the cost.
If no cost exists there, we will calculate the cost using the other cost settings you have configured (if any).

We only store the cost from a custom field when storing or updating an order. If you've changed these order costs and want to sync the changes to older orders, contact us and we can re-import all of your orders for you.

WooCommerce COGS Plugin

If you've used the official WooCommerce COGS Plugin and would like to use the costs set there, you can set your custom field costs like so:

Order Total Cost: _wc_cog_order_total_cost

Order Line Item Cost: _wc_cog_item_total_cost

You'll also want to enable automatic product cost syncing, which can be done in the cost tools, so Metorik has product costs on single product pages and product exports.

Other Costs

Optionally, you can also set custom fields to be used for specific order costs, which will then be used in Metorik's Profit Reports.

This can be useful if you are able to split the cost of your orders into product, shipping, transaction, and extra costs.

Simply enter the order custom fields / meta keys where each of these costs are stored. For example below, the shipping cost is stored in the custom_shipping_cost custom field.

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